Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Post-Pax Games Rundown

Ok, it's a few days later, and we've had some time to defrag, and I thought I might assemble a blog post with some of the games I saw but didn't comment on in the cast. Add your own in the comments!

Vidya Games

Endless Legend/Dungeon of the Endless - Kevin and I saw this guy demoing what looked like an interesting RTS game, but he was mid-interview with some guy with more impressive press credentials. I dug around online, and its the same company that did Endless Space (duh), so it'll probably be awesome. Also of note - this company encourages fan participation in development, so you can influence where they go with the game. I'll buy this when it comes out, no waiting for sales.

Gods Will be Watching - ethical puzzler. You and your crew are stranded, and you have to survive. The handout from their booth says "Is eating your partners the best choice?". I'll wait for this to go on a deep discount Steam Sale, and even then only if someone recommends it.
Gods Will Be Watching
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