Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why I don't care about the Steam Box(es)

So the exciting world of CES has come and gone making most of us have to walk away holding our iPads and tablets over our general genital area to conceal our technological boners. Though one thing left my hard drive floppy and that was the Steam Box, or should I say Steam Boxes since they had 13 of them. I'm sorry I'm using the wrong name, Steam Machines, which is pretty fitting since most of them were not terribly arousing, and felt more like milking machine desperately pumping for cash.
I'm sure I sound brash, and dickish, but that's because I am. I was in fact one of the people hoping for the second coming to come free me from the tyrannical rule of Microsoft, and Sony, but to put it simply that isn't happening. I'm not trying to say that none of the machines are impressive, because some extremely impressive, and so are their price tags. I'm talking two or three times what you would spend on a XBone or PS4, the priciest being the Tiki by Falcon Northwest at $6,000. The rest are nice enough except for the fact that they still cost as much of the standard console, and if you already own a decent gaming PC there is nothing absolutely pulling you to buy one.