Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You can't keep a good Agent down.

Phil Coulson is Dead, we all saw it happen, we may have even made a meaningful image with his wry smile and the words "COULSON LIVES" overlaid. Phil Coulson, the first and best S.H.I.E.L.D agent, who was even part of the naming committee was a regular human among gods, heroes, arrogant dicks, monsters, and a convenience store robbery that he stopped by use of a donut.

That right there, the use of a donut, is the epitomy of Coulson. He needs no shield, no arrow, no gun, no armor, no hammer, or experiment gone wrong to be a hero. He just was. Clark Gregg the actor to bring Coulson to life summed up Coulson's attitude with hacing to deal with all of these superpowered beings.

"Oh, really, Asgard? Dude, just get in the car." 

During The Avengers we sadly saw Coulson lose his life before the battle of New York, and with his sacrifice inspire a team of outcasts to save the world.

But tales of his death at the hands of the Demi-God Loki  may have been exaggerated. Instead of dead and gone, he was more probably.

"OH fuck this hurts. Sir? Sir? ...why are you going in my locker....hey...those are vintage...put them back in their wrapper..Owww stop touching that it hurts. I know it's through me...just work around it ok? Thank you. Sir? Fury really could you put those back...Sir I do seem to be spurting a little here and I don't want to get those all bloody, they are vintage you see. WHAT THE FUCK FURY, I WILL GO GET ANOTHER PROTOTYPE AND FUCKING TAKE YOUR OTHER EYE FOR THAT. IT HURT AND THOSE WERE VINTAGE YOU COLOSSAL DICK. *Glare*...*Breathes* All of that was from all the drugs I am on and cannot be used later in a discplinary hearing, you motherfucker Sir."

COULSON LIVES! and he is coming back to us! This Fall on ABC on the new show Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. THATS BEING SHOWRUNNED BY JOSS FUCKING WHEDON.

Take a few minutes and watch the full trailer below.

Not only is Coulson back, but the cast is rounded out by a nice mix of G-men, scientists, lab geeks, criminals, and a legitimate superhero.

At 0:50 in the trailer we get to see some great footage of a hooded man jumping out of a building and landing 4 stories below relatively unharmed. This could just be a new hero that was created for the show. But I think if we take a little leap and theorize like the madmen and women that we are we can venture a few guesses at who this established Marvel superhero may be.

My theory is that the man is Luke Cage (Power Man) one of the Heroes for Hire with his partner Iron Fist. Luke Cage fits all of the little bits we have seen from this full trailer. The hooded man is not jumping over the building, he is simply jumping out of the building and landing. Luke Cage's main claim to fame is being one tough S.O.B with near invulernable skin and a great healing factor. Put these two together and we have a pretty good basis for thinking that we may be seeing the live action debut of Luke Cage. Later in the trailer we see him throw some people around and this goes straight into Luke Cage's other power. Being one strong motherfucker.
Whether he is Luke Cage or not the hooded figure is being played by J. August Richards. A great actor with credits as Gunn in Joss Whedon's "Angel" (Gunn and Luke Cage coincidentally sharing a very similar outlook on life) and a recent stint on the CW's "Arrow" as a very methodical hitman. If this casting is any indicator on the caliber of actors we will be seeing in the future I am ecstatic. Also, if this means that we will be getting other Whedon alums from Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse then we will be in for some amazing actors gracing this show.

There is some other good news if we want to travel down wild theory lane. The recasting of Phil Coulson from a companion of Nick Fury and the Avengers to leading his own team of operatives to solve the weird and wacky reminds me in a very wonderful way of the show "Torchwood".

"Torchwood" is a spin off of the show "Doctor Who" where a past companion of Doctor Who named Captain Jack Harkness is in charge of a group of operatives to solve the weird and wacky mysteries of the world (but mostly London). 

In the very best of ways the two shows sound similar, and I am taking this as just another omen that in the fall we will be in for a truly amazing story every Thursday. 

With Phil Coulson who has captured the geek world by it's cynical heart, Joss Whedon (and team) leading the show, some amazing special effects, awesome actors, and a richly developed world just waiting to be exploited for our viewing and thinking pleasure Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D looks to be another name to add to the list of well done comic book films and T.V Shows.

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