Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Hobbit Trailer!

The Loaded Dice Cast/Blog/New-Media-Monstrosity presents to you:  The new teaser trailer for the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.  Comments below the jump.


0:06  Is Erebor the Paramount Mountain?

0:13 A wonderfully cinematic sense of scale.Where is this though?  Surely not Erebor?  Looks like we're adding a bit to the journey for cinematic sake?

0:24  Seems like a good effort to make a relatively boring narrative about floating in a barrel somewhat visually interesting.

0:31.  Are those Orcs...moving fast...in the daytime?  I don't know what's real anymore.  Faithfulness to cannon aside, you can sense the intensity.

0:37  Please just shoot me with it you sliding son of a bitch.  You are not in this movie. I do not want to look at your face.

0:39  Legolas played by Orlando Bloom played by Nestor Carbonell

0:42  New female character? A young Arwen?

0:44 Cool shot of Lake Town, for sure.

0:49  Oh, I was just hoping someone could help Legolas gaze at his navel!

0:54  IT'S A TRAP!- Admiral Radaghast

0:58  Looks like the Necromancer storyline is going to be fleshed out.  I, for one, am very excited for this addition to the cannon.  Plus anytime Gandalf draws Glamdring I'm on board.

1:05  I wonder if the caterpillars on that guy's face have to join the SAG or get a film credit.

1:25  Getting real tired of your shit, Legolas.  Like being in this movie, for example.

1:25-1:30  A really impressive demonstration of how physics do not work.

1:46  Assuming this is the very last frame of the movie (which is a shitty thing to put in your trailer) what is going to be in the third movie?  I mean, is it just going to be one gigantic battle scene?

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  1. Glad they didn't spoil the Jaqen H'Ghar slaughterfest scene...oops