Friday, August 30, 2013

Cool Beans 8/26

Let it be known that science is really cool.
Now, check out this really wild transparent speaker constructed by smart people at Harvard.

So the whole of the nerd world flipped out after Mr. Ben Affleck was announced as the new Bat.
Personally, I don't see the problem, but then again I thought Man of Steel was kinda shit.
So, I guess I'm not super invested in the franchise.

In other Batman news, Arkham Origins Blackgate, the 3DS & Vita title has a trailer now.

Speaking of the 3DS, I was talking shit about the new 2DS and some of my friends got upset.
So I found this awesome tutorial on building a 2DS for them, which made me very happy.

I just wanted to share this awesome short by Saman Kesh.
It is creepy, and hardcore, while being really beautiful too.
I just want to know when this guy gets a film deal.

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