Thursday, March 28, 2013


So here is a game you may have heard of, but never played; ANTICHAMBER  a FPMF (First Person Mind Fuck).  I try to avoid salty language when writing, but this game is so stupefying, I find it hard to grasp any language other then the most crass after playing, but I will do my best.  This is simply due to the rewiring that this game does to any initiated gamer.

The ques and signals within the game's environment are all misleading at first glance, pleading with the player to abandon their understanding of reality real or virtual. At no point does this become discouraging, with the use of small signs scattered across the Escher-esque tunnels, with clues or morale lifting advice inscribed on them. Your progress is also tracked by the reading of the black signs while in the maze.

Of the many design tricks that the game employs to fascinate and amuse, the reshaping that levels take while you travel through them, is utterly flabbergasting.  Walk down a path, to arrive back where it began, only to turn around and find a completely different level behind you, or peek through a window to be seamlessly transported to the room beyond.  I don't want to spoil anymore since coming across these within the game is honestly elating.

Eventually you gain a tool for collecting and moving blocks to help solve puzzles, in a similar fashion to the 'Portal Device.'  My sense of wonder while playing did remind me of the first time playing PORTAL, and vanquishing my first few puzzles, but ANTICHAMBER does not use the same isolated challenge model; rather by hitting 'esc' you are sent back to the world map to travel to a previous area to try your hand at accessing new tunnels, through the knowledge you have gained.

Despite the stark, un-textured world, nothing feels missing from the experience, and when you come to a slash of color, it dazzles you.  You are also not boxed in by any HUD or menu, in fact opening the menu by hitting 'esc' takes you a wall in the game world where you can change your preferences.

The reason I purchased this game was, due to the fact that I do not have a lot of disposable income at the moment. I needed a game to distract me from the latest BioShock installment, but came to find an fantastic game for the great price of $11.99 in the Steam store.

My Score: Play This Game!

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