Saturday, April 27, 2013

Aliens, Space, and Demons Oh My!

          My regular readership of web comics dwindled somewhere in freshman year of college after a small six or seven year fixation with them thanks to sites like Keen Spot.  But this morning I had the extreme pleasure of reading a new web comic.  And I mean really good, multimedia, web comic called Ava's Demon.  The series is only a few chapters in, and easily conquered in about 45 minutes of reading; though the art might have you dwelling on plenty of wordless frames longer on the merits of it's story and style.  What I enjoy about most comics is the capacity they have to tell a story largely through image, and when an artist realizes that they can say so much without writing a word I get into my happy place. Show me don't tell me is my motto and Michelle Czajkowski seems to have a similar belief.  Many of the pages of Ava's Demon don't contain text, just wonderful little luminescent paintings done in a cross between Disney and Ben Templesmith (Who is freaking amazing and responsible for art in Wormwood, Fell, and 30 Day of Night).

          The world laid before you is an intergalactic fantasy populated with aliens, magic, saviors, and demons.  Character design is uniquely iconic and really shows the passion that is going into this piece of art.  The titular character is a marvelous young girl (So thank goodness the female part will not be underwritten.) plagued by a sinister spirit that compels her to lash out at the people around her; this spirit has it's own machinations behind tormenting young Ava. I will not delve any further into the plot since it is such a pleasure to discover.  As I mention earlier Ava's Demon has a bit of multimedia tilt to it, since ever chapter of the comic ends with an animated short backed with wonder music too.  Also the artist wants to release a physical copy of this series, and will launching a Kickstarter on May 31st that I will be keeping an eye out for.  To close, the comic updates every Thursday, and is well worth your time so...

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