Thursday, March 21, 2013

Elder Scrolls Online

Last year at E3, we had the chance to see Bathesda's first obligatory step into the MMO arena with Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), following BioWare's not hugely successful STAR WARS: The Old Republic that has now gone Free-To-Playish.  I have a deep love for MMO's in theory, but in reality I Hate Them, that may be too harsh. I'm left feeling empty inside by the ever repetitive nature of the genre, and this is only amplified by how much lighter my wallet is after, several months of $15 fees to play a game every month.  Though I have hope, the simple desire run free in a digital utopia that doesn't leave me heavily varnish in ennui after a few weeks of play, with no endgame in sight, and my gears ground down to a fine mirrored finish. I'll my stow my MMO issues for now, so I can once again swoon over one the newest one that will fix my jaded view, ESO.

We here at the Loaded Dice have limited resources but thankfully the internet exists. That being said Revision3 has gotten some great early looks at ESO, which are found below.

The main points of what we know about ESO so far.
-Story takes place 700 years before Skyrim.
-4 Classes Templar, Sorcerer, Dragon Knight, and "Night Blade" which may be a leak.
-Classes will be more flexible as they are in standard ES games
-Races will consist of all the previously playable one excluding Imperials who shall be NPCs
-The races are tied to specific Factions
-The world is broken into 3 Factions Aldmeri Dominion, Ebonheart Pact, and Daggerfall Covenant
-You will be able to change faction as part of your Lvl 50 endgame. This will be scaled up for challenge.
-PvP includes giant events (100 PCs) like Keep Sieges. These allow factions to gain territory and resources.
-FIRST PERSON view will be in the game, but it is still in the works.

That is all for now kids, but if you are at PAX East this weekend you will be able to get hands onto this game, so check out the Bethesda: Elder Scrolls Online Booth and Tamriel Beer Garden if you are there.

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