Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Much Ado

Ambition should be made of sterner stuff, and if Whedon has anything to say about it,  Much Ado About Nothing, shall be made of very stern stuff indeed, at least I hope.  As the resident theater nerd at Loaded Dice, I am pretty pumped to see this classic in a new setting for Joss Whedon's film adaptation.  I have probably seen two drastically different period takes on Much Ado in the the past; one as Victorian, which was an uninspired snoozeville, and the other set in WW2 era Europe that could have been really great if the direction choice and setting had been more solidified, but I digress.  It will be loads of fun to see the King of The Nerds: Joss Whedon, do something completely different, albeit with a cast of wonderful and familiar faces; Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Nathan Fillion, and Clarck Gregg.  From the look of the trailer, Mr. Whedon is clearly fond of playing with Shakespearean works, as most of us in the venn-diagram of geeks and theater beasts usually do. Give the trailer a view, cause you might just like, even if it doesn't have a giant super powered battle sequence over Manhattan.


Perhaps Avengers 2 will be a mediation on Tony Stark as Macbeth, betraying back stabbing SOB (try and clean out those damn spots  Pepper Potts, you know nothing gets gamma radiation blood out).
So what other MARVEL and Shakespeare characters can we match. Deadpool as Mercutio (minus the dying part, since he can't)

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