Monday, April 29, 2013

Pacific Rim Wondercon Trailer or how I learned to stop caring and love the big things hitting each other.

At the comic book convention WonderCon, a new trailer was released for the movie Pacific Rim, being released in the U.S. July 11, 2013. A link is below for your viewing/ogling/loving pleasure.

Some people See Pacific Rim and think "It's just Robots versus Aliens", I look at Pacific Rim and I think "It's Robots versus Aliens, when are we going? Whose driving? Should we IMAX? Holy shit, it's in 3D, do we dare dream? Money, what else will you spend it on? Fuck it, I'll cover you! Did you see that shit! That Voltron robot had a fucking boat in it's cybernetic hand to beat that nightmare that sprung from Lovecraft's head!"

Pacific Rim is the newest movie being directed By Guillermo Del Toro, the mastermind behind my waking nightmares and fear of banquet halls after watching Pan's Labyrinth.  His other directing jobs are a list of some fantastic movies for varying different reasons, each of them showcasing his skill with action, comedy, horror, disgust, special effects, and epic scope. These being incredibly useful to have in a movie about behemoths rising from the depths to destroy humanity and the robots we build to fight back.

Pacific Rim has a cast that is any geek's wet dream. Idris Elba of Luther and Prometheus fame playing humanity's military go to man, Charlie Day from "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" as a crazed inventor, Charlie Hunnam the motorcycle club leader of "Sons Of Anarchy" and the suave English motherfucker from Judd Apatow's "Undeclared". Rounding out the cast is Ron Perlman the complete psycho bad ass in all love letters to geekdom.

And Ellen McLain.

Name not familiar? Her voice may be, she played the maniacal and homicidal "GLaDOS" from the "Portal" games. Guillermo Del Toro loved her take on that voice so well he specfically requested to the makers of the game "Valve" if he could hire Ellen to voice GLaDOS" as the computer announcer.

In a movie that is steeped in Kaiju and 80's saturday morning cartoon lore, Del Toro has presented us with a passion for his subject and a knowledge of his inteded fan base to make sure that whatever portion of our weekly pizza and beer money we set aside for this movie we will be highly satisfied.

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