Monday, April 29, 2013

Season 2 Ep. 7

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Let’s PucaTrade one of our Cast Members for Eric Freytag 

Loaded Dice Cast is joined by Eric Freytag, Founder of PucaTrade, and, apparently, podcasting genius. The whole gang gets together. First we discuss Attackturkey's new Das Keyboard Mechanical keyboard. Next, we get to go deep with Eric on PucaTrade, gift economies, Magic Trading and how you, the idiot dumb enough to listen to this podcast, can get involved with supporting someone actually doing something with their life. Next, in honor of the just recently passed fat man fever dream that is the NFL Draft, we paint the picture of a world where Super Heroes exist, and are drafted into their ultimate purpose:  Entertaining you for money. We draft Super Heroes onto our NFL teams, and match them up. "Excelsior!" says Roger Goodell. Finally we talk about the recent dust up regarding some interesting and challenging art in Video Games and Comics, and what to make of it. Special thanks to Eric who absolutely killed it in this podcast.  We hope everyone listening, new listener or faithful follower enjoys this one. We feel it is our best effort yet.

 Oh, and in case you're wondering, completely NSFW language.

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