Monday, April 22, 2013

Season 2 Ep. 6

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A Frank Discussion on Mysogyny and Bow Legged Whores

This one starts off light and we end strong.  Dubs, Kevin, Derek, and Vince begin with a Eulogy and post mortem on the now dearly departed LucasArts game studios, which begins existence anew as a IP Licensing Wight.  We review awesome games from our child hood and figure out what to take away from the whole thing.  Mostly, we feel a sense of loss for something that was probably gone a long time ago.  Next, we break out the summerwine in order to review Fantasy Flight's board game masterpiece epic: A Game of Thrones, 2nd ed.  Vince and Derek help out Kevin, since, much like George R.R. Martin, no one has ever actually fucking finished this game.  Evan, our moral compass and fearless do-everything man, joins us and we, in fact, get robot large in the draft.  Finally, we end with a heartfelt exploration of misogyny in geek culture, and more specifically, what's up with the weird backlash people get when they bring it up.
A note about this podcast: 
We are very painfully aware that we are a bunch of fairly privileged dudes sitting around talking about women's problems as if we have a fucking clue.    We get that we don't, and, most likely got a bunch of shit wrong.  We are open to hearing about it, so please accept the discussion as it is offered, and feel free to write to us, or comment, or anything to let us know what you think.  If there's any take away from this, it's that there should be a dialogue, and furthermore, a reasonable one, missing all the reactionary vitriol which we are trying to question in order to figure all this stuff out.  We welcome your thoughts.

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