Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Threadbare Geek #2

Get your sh!rt together fool.  

Thin kid even looks big.
One of the biggest issues for guys including those who are heavier, is what to wear. Generally the go-to is big, in hopes that baggy clothes will camouflage your fighting weight. That was my methodology of dressing when I was carrying more poundage. Turns out rocking a hockey jersey when you are not on the ice, is not the most flattering look. The drape of the fabric tends to only draw attention to your shape, and adding to it. Which makes you look like a tapir, rather than the strapping lad you are. Also don't get me wrong if you are going to a game, rock your jersey;
as long as it is not to hide your body.

Dressing is about the lines and silhouettes, but the bigger the clothing the
less definition you get with both. Getting past the idea of wearing a more fitted shirt is intimidating, especially if you are not use to wearing button ups in the first place. As I heard it said "If you only wears ties to weddings and funerals, you will never be comfortable in them." The same goes for dress shirts.

Oh sweet mercy.
The basic tips I give are as follows
-Avoid the wrong style. Shirts come in regular, fitted, and slim. I find that regular is always to much material for most, and makes for an uncomfortable look. Try the fitted style first and work it out from there; almost all major companies make all three styles.

-Major tips to know you are in the right size; first, sleeves end about an inch below your wrist; second, you can fit two fingers into your collar when it is fully buttoned; third, when you pull lightly forward you should only have about 3 inches of extra fabric; last, the bottom of the shirt should end between the
middle to the bottom of your fly.

-Tuck yourself in! I know there is a part of your brain that makes you think of middle aged men when you tuck your shirt in; trust me on this one, the purpose of finding the right fit is to prevent you from looking that way. Cases in which you do not need to tuck are as follows, fucking Never! Though if you are wearing a more casual shirt like short sleeve, plaid, or polo you can use your own discretion.

-I don't want to leave out the tees, long sleeves, and polos. Know the size that looks good on you not the size that just fits. This is especially important when ordering shirts online. Look at the sizing chart, and know your measurements; then order the one that is closest to fit but not a size more, unless they are not pre-shrunk (shrinking will take off about 2 inches from a garment, but you should know how to was your damn clothes so they don't shrink anyway). A shirt should look like it fits, not like it was painted on.

So major bonus to a more fitted wardrobe, more confidence which is always good. Except with that guy ---->

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  1. I hope my local FNM is loaded with guys dressed like the last pic.