Friday, May 3, 2013

Grand Heist Auto V

The art of the heist seems to be making it's way into video games in a serious way which is freaking awesome.  Just recently we had the release of Monaco a top down co-op heist game on Steam, and this Autumn Grand Theft Auto V is will be stealing the show.

There are some major changes coming to this franchise with this next installment.  The most obvious thing that people will have noticed (if they watched the trailer) is that you will be playing as a trio.  We have Franklin who is looking to leave the thug life for bigger and better spoils; Micheal a man in the midst of a mid life crisis, but looking to mix things up; then the bottom of the trio  is occupied by Trevor who seems to be the insane shotgun toting redneck wildcard.  You will get the chance to freely swap from one character to another. Meanwhile AI will take over the idle members to keep them active in their own stories.  This will also be a big part of how the whole group will tackle tasks when it comes to heists.  The three perspective game play has me pumped, since I will admit that after a fairly short amount of time I find most GTA charaters to be kinda flat (Niko might be a little bit of an exception.), and  leads to just playing for mayhem rather than story.

All of those stories will be taking place in the world San Andres and it's very large and populated coastal region.  The ocean will be accessible by boats and scuba gear found on every ship.  From what I have heard the Rockstar team seems to be using their method from Red Dead Redemption of having a more populated and lively wilderness.

Whatever the sandbox world has to offer is only second to me right now.  The idea of knocking over banks (which is the main mechanic of the game from what I can tell so far) has me giddy.  Since this planning of a heist seems to be way more detailed than what most might expect, because if you want to wear masks to hid your identity during a robbery you better go buy some.  If your plan calls for the use of an armored car you'll have to find it yourself, and this level of freedom seems thrilling to me.  I really want the excitement that planning a huge Italian Job style robbery entails, and since I don't have any desire to die or go to jail for a very long time GTA V looks like it might get my rocks off.

Here are some other people taking about this game and they have actually had their hands on it.

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