Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Loaded Dice Cast Season 2 Episode 12: Sometimes a Sword Is Just a Sword

Woo hoo! Loaded Dice in the house with Evan Kevin Dubs and Derek! We start with a review of Endless Space, which is a really satisfying indie 4x in SPAAAAAACEEE. Think Civ with cool space ships. Next, we move on to a discussion about Loot in gaming. Kevin attempts to wax philosophical and rage against the skinnerbox. At this point I'm struggling about whether to make a Simpsons reference or an X-Files reference in this space, so I will, instead, in the grand Loaded Dice Tradition, completely flub the opportunity in favor of an inferior meta joke. Hooray for bad writing! This segment flowed rather naturally into our draft in which we reveal that our true loot desires are less about sweet swords and armor, and much more about relieving petty frustrations and satisfying purile fixations. Finally, in honor of the worst movie of the summer, we have a discussion about the relevance of Superman to a modern audience. If this episode causes a anarcho-communist uprising against the United States Government as a result of Kevin's impassioned pleas on the extremely serious and intellectually heavy subjects of video game loot and Superman, we apologize, this isn't what we most of us wanted.

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