Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Season 3 Episode 1: I am Vinz, Vinz Clortho, Keymaster of Gozer. Volguus Zildrohar, Lord of the Sebouillia. Are you the Gatekeeper?

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Welcome to Season 3! Hey, we made it! Step on in, close the door. You're letting out the air conditioning. Here's a beer. The podcast is now -officially- shorter! Congratulations, your attention spans have been appeased, and as Neville Chamberlain taught us, appeasement is always the answer! We have secured listenership in our time!

As to the content: Because they are wildly unambitious and generally useless, Derek and Geoff join Kevin to discuss the meaning of the word Nerd, particularly as it has started to cross over from a culture that was defined by its outsider status to one that has reached mainstream acceptance and adoption as a means to gain status (that's how nerds call people posers). We struggle with issues of gatekeepering, undesirables, self-identity and navel gazing, while wildly careening in and out of coherence and sobriety.

Our draft poses the question: If you were casting "This Is The End, Part 2", to take place inside the Loaded Dice Bunker, with an eligibility pool of all the nerds of all time, who would you hole up in the Winchester with until this whole thing blows over? Derek actually makes a pick that gives Kevin a stroke. He also provided a great review on the free to play game Card Hunter, a charming fantasy TCG/Tactics mash up that is currently in beta. Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor.

Show Notes:

Card Hunter

Portlandia Nerd PSA

Beginner's Guide to the X-Files

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