Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Loaded Dice Cast Season 3 Episode 3: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOADED DICE!

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Holy shit, we've been podcasting for a year now! Look at that! Our little podcast is growing up! This podcast, featuring Evan, Derek, Dubs, and Kevin celebrates the one year birthday of Loaded Dice Cast! Party horns, Whiskey chugging and dick jokes abound. We also get in a pretty great conversation about the phenomenal summer movie Pacific Rim. We manage to talk about the deep visual and textual symbolism of robots punching monsters, and, perhaps more impressively, at no point do we slip into Freudian discourse. I guess we are growing up.

Oh, we also draft inappropriate 1st birthday party themes for our podcast, so....probably not.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for sticking with us through a whole year!
P.S. Remember to reach out to us with your topic and draft ideas. Derek has those card hunter beta keys just burning a hole in his pocket!

Podcast Notes:
Kevin's Article on Pacific Rim
Evan's Article on Zombies
Mighty Titans Hobbies and Games

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