Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Loaded Dice Cast Season 3 Episode 5: A Cold Day in Hell!

Loaded Dice is back with a story to tell! In this week's episode, Kevin, Evan and Dubs welcome brand new castman, and noted nerdsman, Ryan to the group, not only because he is an excellent and thoughtful speaker, but boy howdy has he played his fair share of Diablo. Which brings us to our main topic of the night. Blizzard announces the closure of the Diablo Auction houses, most notably their somewhat groundbreaking Real Money Auction House. We discuss the implications to gamers, consumers, publishers, and the mortality rate of loot pinatas in the guise of demonic creatures.

The topic this week is complemented by a draft featuring the most coveted of all Diablo lootz: The Most Splendid Trousers of Them All! We draft the attributes of these trousers and how they are used to alleviate our petty frustrations and personal failings.

Kevin provided a review of not only Warmachine, but the experience of attending a Warmachine League at his Friendly Local Gaming Store.

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