Thursday, September 26, 2013

Loaded Dice Supplement: The Boozeroom

This is a new experiment for us!  Loaded Dice's first supplemental podcast, an in depth review and analysis of Season 2 of Dubs and Kevin's favorite escape into intellectual snootiness, Ivory Tower hindsight sniping, delightfully unrealistic and witty dialogue, and manys the booze reference, HBO and Aaron Sorkin's "The Newsroom".  In true Loaded Dice fashion, there's only one name this splinter cell podcast could have:  The Boozeroom

Fair Warning:  This is a review of the second season.  Here Thar Be Spoilers!

Dubs and Kevin kick it Charlie Skinner style, with a glass of brown liquor and some high brow conversation laced with profanity for effect.  

Subjects tackled include:

Stories gone bad:  How does news go wrong, and how is it made right?  The thematic thrust of Season 2.
The Failures and Improvements of the Treatment of Female Characters in Season 2
Character Arcs, Particularly Maggie
No, Seriously, How Awesome are Charlie Skinner and Sloan Sabbith.  (There's an I in there, right/)
What did Leona's Big Scene Mean?
Will and Mac: What Does it Really Mean?

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