Friday, October 18, 2013

Loaded Dice Cast Season 3 Episode 8: Beyond Two Many Beers

Coming at you with the booziness, Loaded Dice Cast is back!  Prompted by the new game Beyond 2 Souls, marketed as a movie more than a video game, The Loaded Dice crew attempts (drunkenly) to examine the convergence of traditional forms of visual narrative with video games.  Vince drinks the brown, Dubs uses bud heavies as cough syrup, Evan, predictably, gets fancy, and Kevin forgets to eat dinner but remembers to pound 7 beers.  A certain liquidity overtakes the conversation, but we get some cool stuff out of it.

In the beginning of the episode, Kevin talks about his experience at NY Comicon 2013.

The draft this week covers a theoretical Loaded Dice Kickstarter, where you, dear listener, fund our hookers and booze habit, and receive dubious prizes in return.


Show Notes:

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