Friday, March 8, 2013

Season 2 Ep.3

S2 E3- LDC BLOPS 12:According to the Prophesy

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Loaded Dice Cast has a new episode!   In which we switch the format slightly.  Dubs, Turkey, Vin, Derek, and Kevin all join together to lambaste everyone involved in Aliens:Colonial Marine, which was universally regarded as a semi fraudulent steaming pile of dog-shit.  No prisoners are taken, including those who pre-ordered it.  Speaking of crappy First Person Shooters, we draft the best and worst the cornerstone genre has to offer in the form of tropes, cliches, mechanics and guns.  Kevin makes a fool of himself as he once again proves he is an uneducated idiot and can not pronounce nuclear (noo-kyuh-ler).  This transitions smoothly, as if we planned it, into our final topic of the evening.  Prompted by Kevin's twitter feed going nuclear (see what I did there?) we discuss the announcement the PS4... How WEIRD was that PS4 unveiling?  We talk launch titles, the overall thrust of the presentation, and the idea that they did not actually unveil a PS4.  The rest of the cast gangs up on Dubs as the sole champion of the inferior console slave race, and get into a squabble about hardware, game design and the future of consoles.  Ultimately we all decide to agree on our overriding sentiment: "That was dumb."  Haters gonna hate I guess.

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