Monday, March 18, 2013

Season 2 Ep.4

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Loaded Dice Cast Season 2 Episode 4: Nerd Missionary
Oh hey,  this new format is working out great.  This podcast we are joined by logo designer and all around nerd baller Geoff, to help Kevin write a bit of the D&D campaign he is going to unleash on his flag football team.   Vince has a tremendous idea involving medieval fast food, and we hopefully gain some insight into what goes into making a D&D campaign.  Our draft is a pretty classic one:  Best RPGs of all time. Some unconventional choices in this one.  Let us know what you think.  Finally we downscope a conversation about Cockatrice and SimCity and the tension between consumers and producers when it comes to managing intellectual property.  It sounds like a snoozer, but it is actually a pretty great discussion.  Spoilers:  Derek is wrong!  Oh, and what do you know,? For the first time ever:  Show Notes:
Kevin's Blog Post on SimCity
Geoff's Loaded Dice Logo, after Derek's insightful commentary
The New Loaded Dice Logo Going Forward
And for those who need a Flash version of the Loaded Dice Cast

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