Monday, April 1, 2013

Season 2 Ep. 5

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Loaded Dices Season 2 Episode 5: Live From PAX, it’s DIVEKICK!

This is a special one.   Whilst drinking ourselves into oblivion in our Boston Hotel Room, we decided to turn on the mic and record an episode of Loaded Dice Cast, live from PAX EAST.  Derek and I made the trip, along with some buddies of ours who joined us on the cast.  With a live studio audience, we spend about 25 minutes (not nearly enough time) talking about Dive Kick, the greatest indie game ever made.  We talk about Con Culture, Cosplayers, and what makes PAX so darn neat.   Special Guest Mikey C makes a nice point about the tensions between AAA Games, Free 2 Play, and indie games.  We give you a sneak peak into some of the games we played, and douse with haterade where appropriate,  including Dust 514, Hawken, War Machine, Battletech D&D Next and McDroid.  A good time is had by all as we get preetty drunk on the finest beers Harpoon Brewery has to offer ( like you do.).  From a technical perspective: On occasion I had to edit out some bits where we get a little weird, apologies.  Also the audio is quieter on this one because we were using a fancy mic, so pump it up.   Enjoy!  See you next year at PAX!

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