Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Star Wars

No your grandma isn't throwing in a 'the' where it need not be, better Dark Horse and Lucasarts have announced the future release of THE STAR WARS comic.
This will be based on the 1974 draft of the film, but with some tightening up of the writing and story, because if you have read it, you know it is far from greatness. In the story we have Skywalker as a composites of Luke & Obi; also Han & Chewie are more singular as well (but as a reptile man not a carpet); The replacement of Darth Vader with a gent kindly known as Starkiller (though not to be confused with the protagonist from the Force Unleashed).
As for what parts of the story will change from the original draft I do not know, you can do yourself a favor till then, and watch The Hidden Fortress, along with other Kurosawa samurai movies and make lightsaber noises any time someone whips out a sweet katana move.
I held on writing about this but seems as if this was not an April Fool's shenanigan, thank goodness.

Pretty pictures after the jump...

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  1. Great! Now when I throw on my Leia slave outfit, I won't be weird...I'll be COSPLAYING!