Friday, June 14, 2013

Cool Beans 6/10


This is all the crap that I thought was cool beans. So I thought I'd share it with you.
Be warned I like the Rev3Games team, Adam Sessler especially, so you'll have to deal.

Sunset Overdrive looks like Jet Set Radio and Mirrors Edge meets Serious Sam and BulletStorm.
It could be awful since we have no gameplay, but at least it isn't grey-brown.

The Division has my fancy tickled on the simple mechanics that they are messing with.
Most of all the team matching system.

Sweet mercy I wish I was ten years old so I would have an excuse to play with these.

Really I have no words for how much I want a Oculus.
Then I saw this build from the EVE Online Team and my words are now "GAH Oh My gibbidy."

The Saints Row series is freaking nuts and it is just beautiful to behold.

Put a Mech in it! Seriously, my love for giant robos goes deep.
The addition of jet packs only makes this something wildly fun looking.

Have you played The WITCHER? No. Well you damn well should, because it's amazing.
And lucky you both 1 & 2 are on a STEAM Sale right now.

Creator of Braid is back, and showing off The Witness.
I like myself a good puzzle game and this looks to please for sure.

Rev3's E3 Awards.
Cause... Awards.

Oh right, and Nintendo sais some stuff from a giant empty conference room.

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