Friday, June 14, 2013

Season 2 Ep. 11

Don’t Hate the Dick Swinger, Hate the Dick Swinging

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Loaded Dice Cast's Console Wars E3 2013 Blow out! We tee you off with a slightly new twist on our intro music! We hope you enjoy. Dubs, Kevin, Vince, Turkey and Mikey C join us to discuss the highlights of E3, what caught their attention game wise, and, in the second part of the program, we parse out the console war. Vince introduced us to The Resistance, a Tabletop Spyhunter Partygame that sounds pretty awesome. In the meantime, thanks to our devoted listeners at the NSA, we draft dystopian futures, while trying to keep them cheerier than the actual dystopian future we are living in. Kevin, while drinking a gallon of beer, enlightened us on one of the things he feels "Must be Stopped", and to break up the segments we all provide dramatic readings of people absolutely wigging the fuck out on Twitter regarding the Red Wedding. As always, thanks for listening. If you can, like us on facebook and tell your friends about us.

Red Wedding Tears

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